Making Edge Easy - Micro Data Centres for Healthcare

How micro data centres are giving healthcare the Edge

A data epidemic


Data generation within the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries is at an unprecedented high. A 2020 survey by Dell discovered an astronomical nearly 900% increase in only two years.

This is being driven in many ways. The IoT, AI, indwelling medical devices, robotics … These are just a handful of the applications that are spewing out ever-increasing information that needs to be managed, analysed, stored and shared.

Plus the overarching need for all this data to have impenetrable security.


How is all this data generated?

Let’s consider some of the sources that are responsible for this colossal amount of data:

  • Hospital beds typically have 10-15 connected devices
  • A dramatic increase in wearable healthcare devices
  • Robotics performing intricate operational procedures
  • Indwelling devices (pacemakers, defibrillators, cardiac monitors etc)
  • Data that’s generated with every single patient examination (blood pressure, oxygen saturation, pulse rate, ECG results, etc)
  • Blood tests and other investigatory results

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to where healthcare data is generated. It currently accounts for around 30% of all global data. 

How edge data centres support healthcare

Edge computing and on-site MDCs are playing a huge part in this revolutionary shift within healthcare. The ability to transfer data in real time, without a latency lag or the need to upload to the cloud before it can be analysed and used, is game-changing when it comes to medicine. Find out how our MDC helped solve the challenges of The Centre for Disease Control (CDC), Papa New Guinea. Our Zella Pro range of microdata centres will solve all your edge computing challenges:


Cyber Security

Our micro data centres will protect your data from cyber attacks as well as unwanted physical access. Monitor and manage access to your servers 24 / 7.

Operational Efficiency

Test results can be quickly analysed and returned to clinicians faster than ever when you're processing data right at the edge. Zero latency means no delays.

Increased Productivity

Automating procedures frees up health care providers time so they can focus on their patients. Automation is key to increase productivity.

Faster Decisions

With data at their fingertips, clinicians can make faster, better and even life saving decisions regarding patient care.
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Better Customer Experience

Patients will experience less treatment delays, faster diagnosis and expedited definitive care. They will feel well looked after

Improved Healthcare

Hospitals, clinics, GPs and diagnostic centres will all benefit from reliable, efficient and secure edge computing.
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Don't let your data go up in flames

Fire is a risk that can't be ignored as losing data (or access to it) is a serious issue that will cause downtime and financial losses. 

Can your server room handle a power outage?

A loss of electrical power can last anywhere from a few minutes to days. A simple hiccup in power can cause irreversible damage such as permanent data loss – an IT nightmare!

A data epidemic: how edge data centres support healthcare

Edge computing and micro data centres are playing a huge part in a revolutionary shift within healthcare.