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Smart Learning


Educational institutions have similar issues and needs as businesses when it comes to IT and data storage.

In order to develop rich learning experiences for students, schools and universities rely more and more on technology.

Plus students need to get familiar with modern technology in order to be prepared for a competitive job market, where digital skills are a top priorities in all roles and industries. 

The modern classroom


Gone are the days of chalkboards, pencils and pads. Every classroom now has an interactive screen and all students use laptops and tablets instead of books. Teachers use online resources to keep the students engaged and often stream videos or movies in class. 

Both teachers and students have access to online portals where they communicate and store all information related to courses, reports and exams. In fact, exams and tests are often online, so having a reliable network is a top priority.


Smart Boards

Interactive smart boards have replaced chalkboards in most classrooms to allow teachers to share content more easily and to keep students engaged.


Teachers and students now use laptops or tablets instead of books and notebooks. This means they have access to all content at all times.
education_online portal

Online Portal

Students, teachers and even parents all access information online through the school's portal, to find out about reports, test results and timetables.
education_fast access

Fast access

Fast access is a top priority for schools during class time but even more so when students are doing tests or exams online.


Online communication is the norm across the board for all stakeholders on and off campus, during and after school hours.
education_distance learning

Distance Learning

Distance learning is here to stay - this means more data will be generated and shared for uninterrupted learning.

Schools and Universities need a cost effective, reliable and hassle free data storage solution. 


Our products are the perfect solution for educational institutions. They are:

  • Cost effective
  • Quiet so they can be placed even in a library
  • Compact, the size of a fridge or vending machine
  • Reliable to minimise your downtime
  • Easy to maintain (no need for specialist personnel)
  • Scalable (easy to add more units when needed)
  • Versatile (can be placed indoor or outdoor)

Zella DC is trusted by:

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A smart micro data centre

Take a look at what makes us stand out from the crowd. We offer a unique option that differs dramatically from that of our competitors.

Don't let your data go up in flames

Fire is a risk that can't be ignored as losing data (or access to it) is a serious issue that will cause downtime and financial losses. 

Can your server room handle a power outage?

A loss of electrical power can last anywhere from a few minutes to days. A simple hiccup in power can cause irreversible damage such as permanent data loss – an IT nightmare!