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Modular Micro Data Centre Solutions

Zella Max supports the Zella Pro38 single and dual-cooling models. Depending on the configuration, the Zella Max container supports up to a maximum of 6 x Zella Pro38, with an option to start from 1 Zella Pro38 and adding as your business needs grow.


"There were huge savings on power consumption. We conducted an analysis on one of our sites located out at a regional office in Papua New Guinea. The results were amazing and we noticed a huge difference in power consumption from the old infrastructure to the new Zella DC configuration.”

Ferdinand M. Daroya
Chief Information Officer, Kenmore Limited

What are the different types of data centre?

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The Rise of Containerised Data Centres

The old-school solutions of on-site data storage rooms no longer provide the capacity for many. The answer? A containerised, or modular, solution.

What industries can benefit from containerised data centres?

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