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A rugged hand-held micro data centre for use in external environments (12U currently).

The Zella Fort was developed in 2019 to assist battle groups of up to 100 soldiers during deployments to remote locations around the world. During times of conflict, soldiers use handheld fingerprint detection devices out in the field to detect potential IED makers. Latency issues have historically resulted in delays with critical information reaching devices in time.

To further compound the issue, the modern soldier generates far more data than ever before with smart guns, uniforms, helmet camera/videos along with data from vehicles, drones, helicopters and tanks.

Sending the data back to a centralized data centre is no longer practical. The Zella Fort enables local and secure data processing at the Edge.


"There were huge savings on power consumption. We conducted an analysis on one of our sites located out at a regional office in Papua New Guinea. The results were amazing and we noticed a huge difference in power consumption from the old infrastructure to the new Zella DC configuration.”

Ferdinand M. Daroya
Chief Information Officer, Kenmore Limited

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