Zella Pro 38

Next Generation Server Room

Zella Pro_Zella Pro 38

Portable data centre


The Zella Pro 38 can easily replace your traditional on-premise server room. Compared to our smaller models, the 38 would suits organisations that need that bit extra processing power. 


It allows you to repurpose your existing server room into anything you want: an office, a board room, or an extra sitting area for your visitors. It would ideally sit in your head quarters, with a few of our smaller models across your satellite offices. 


Benefits and  Applications

  • Replaces large traditional on-premise server rooms

  • Minimised footprint.

  • Extra processing power for larger IT infrastructures. 

  • Easy to scale - just add more units when needed. 

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Zella Pro_Zella Pro 38
Is the Zella Pro 38 too big for your environment? 
Have a look at the other sizes available in our Zella Pro range. 


Do you need a containerised solution for your outdoor infrastructure?
Have a look at our Zella Max.


Clients from across five continents

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