Zella Pro 12

Self contained server rack with cooling

Zella DC | Zella Pro 12 | micro data centre

Edge ready


The Zella Pro 12, the smallest in our range of Zella Pros, is a small and compact self-contained server rack with cooling that is the perfect solution for particularly small environments. 


All our Zella Pros will help you solve your edge computing challenges - the Zella Pro 12 is perfect if you have a lot of small locations that need onsite processing. 

Benefits and  Applications

  • All in one solution: a self-contained server rack with cooling
  • Small and Compact (only 1 meter tall) - would fit perfectly next to your desk!

  • Perfect for small IT environments. 

  • Great for small offices, retail, or doctor surgeries. 

  • Perfect for environments with low ceilings and difficult to reach spaces.  

Zella DC | Zella Pro 12 in office
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