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At Zella DC, we’ve developed a program to reward partners who grow their business alongside ours. Our program ensures you’re set up for success when you partner with us. We give you the support and training you need to confidently sell our complete solutions to your clients.


Sales Support

Dedicated online sales support to help you position the best possible solution.

Rebate Program

Opportunity registration program and eligibility to Zella DC’s rebate program.

Joint Marketing

Joint marketing activities on projects and growth sectors (on application).

Our Two Levels: Registered and Certified.

After demonstrating consistent increases in revenue, investment and product knowledge, registered partners progress to becoming certified. You will then qualify for additional benefits that give you a competitive advantage to maximise your sales.

Get better prices and joint marketing.

We reward partners who take an opportunity through to a confirmed sale. After we authenticate and approve the deal, we offer a special discount to give you a competitive advantage. For high performing partners who achieve the most sales, we also offer funds for joint marketing activities.

To learn more about the Zella Connect Program, get in touch today.

  • Online Sales Support
  • Dedicated Sales Support
  • Opportunity Registration Program
  • Eligibility to Zella DC’s Rebate Program
  • Joint Marketing Activities (On application)


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"We make the Edge easy for everyone. So we love the excitement we see in our partners when they understand how intuitive a next-generation server room can be - and how secure. Through Zella DC our partners can offer a complete solution for the very Edge which is easy to both choose and implement. "

Angie Keeler
Co-founder and CEO