Meet the world's smallest portable data centre

How Zella DC micro data centres make the future possible

Proven by a decade of use cases

Choose products relentlessly improved to work free of asset control, software upgrades, security patches and technology refreshes. When your teams are working in highly distributed environments, standardise your data management with a portable data centre from Zella DC.

Sit back and take a short tour

Learn how our portable data centre solution is more than just a box. It comes complete with cabling, electricals, fire and environment protection, precision cooling, racking, security and managed by DCIM software. Insert any kind of servers into this tech-agnostic solution.

One fluid process

Our total solutions encompass hardware and software arriving pre-programmed, ready to roll and easy to maintain. Zella DC offers a range of sealed and secure portable data centres for internal and external environments. They operate the same way as a traditional data centre, but can be managed and maintained by almost any employee.







A complete solution

All our products come with all the following features: 
  • Active cooling (with no air coming in or out)
  • Physical security (protection from unwanted entry)
  • Cyber security (cyber security protocols)
  • Built-in switchboard (for quick and easy power connection)
  • Rack-mounted PDU (to control and monitor power)
  • A UPS (to protect your uptime)
  • DCIM software (to monitor, measure and manage all components)
  • Built-in Pyrorack fire protection (for fast and efficient fire suppression)
  • Cable management (to facilitate installation and maintenance)
  • Can be placed anywhere (no need to build a server room or dedicated space)

Our range of outdoor micro data centres


Zella DC | Zella Hut | Outdoor Micro Data Centre
A modular outdoor and weatherproof micro data centre
with a small footprint. The unit has been designed with a sealed
A rugged hand-held 12U edge data centre for use
externally – particularly in military applications where
accessing data quickly is crucial to a mission's success.
Zella DC | Zella Fort
Zella DC | Zella Max | Outdoor Container Data Centre
Zella Max is a shipping container data centre for any external or internal environment where extra security and control is needed. This containerised solution features the Zella Pro 38 single and dual-cooling models.
Power Bills | Server room vs Micro data centre | Zella DC

The business case is simple

A Zella DC portable data centre helps you reclaim office space, reduce downtime, save on maintenance, and improve productivity through faster processing. But the main saving is in the energy costs. You’re left with a next-generation server room where only the servers are cooled, not the whole room.

Clients from across five continents

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