Peter Baker

Edge IT Infrastructure Consultant

Peter Baker | Zella DC
Peter Baker | LinkedIn

Peter Baker is Zella DC's Edge IT Infrastructure Consultant for Australia/New Zealand. 

Peter has over 42 years of experience within the IT industry including over 17 years with IT physical infrastructure, and over 8 years with micro data centres. As the owner of multiple businesses himself, Peter has end-user experience with micro data centres, edge infrastructure deployments, and operating reliable and robust systems. He lives and breathes 'uptime' and 'mission-critical.'

Peter's experience in the IT Channel enables our partners to earn significant rewards while ensuring end-users still obtain outstanding value. 

Peter is a long time supporter of 'Australian Made' and helped DCIM and Network Management software NET/MASTER dominate within his territory. Useful experience when deploying a network of MDCs* (micro data centres).
*MDC is a trademark of Zella DC

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