Meet the world's greenest server room.

Did you know that 40% of a company's overall electricity is used to cool its IT infrastructure? 

With our energy-efficient, next generation server rooms you'll be able to:

  • reduce your power bills
  • reduce your carbon emissions

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Next generation server room

A Zella Pro is a micro data centre, an energy-efficient alternative to the traditional on premise server room.

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With a PUE of 1.2, the Zella Pro is energy efficient and will help you lower your overall carbon emissions.


Cheaper to run and maintain than a traditional server room, a Zella Pro is a cost effective alternative.

Fast Deployment

A Zella Pro will be delivered to your desired location in a matter of weeks, not months.

Zella DC vs Server Room

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A complete solution

  • Active cooling (with no air coming in or out)
  • Physical security (protection from unwanted entry)
  • Cyber security (cyber security protocols)
  • Built-in switchboard (for quick and easy power connection)
  • Rack-mounted PDU (to control and monitor power)
  • A UPS (to protect your uptime)
  • DCIM software (to monitor, measure and manage all components)
  • Built-in Pyrorack fire protection (for fast and efficient fire suppression)
  • Cable management (to facilitate installation and maintenance)
  • Can be placed anywhere (no need to build a server room or dedicated space)
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Find out how much you can save with a Zella Pro compared to a traditional on-premise server room.

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Did you know you can place your micro data centre outdoor?