At Zella DC we are getting behind Cybersecurity Awareness

  • How to prevent 95% of cybersecurity breaches
  • Checklist of things you can do to improve cybersecurity
ZellaDC Standard Features Cyber Linkedin Oct 2020

Download the checklist to make sure you are cyber secure

Here is a quick checklist giving you a simple tool to evaluate your servers.

Why you need Zella for your security enhancements

 The reality is that CIOs and IT managers need eyes in the back of their head these days. And that’s a good metaphor for what Zella DC micro data centres provide. 


Cyber and physical security

Risk from human error

Self-learning and autonomy

"Apart from the huge reduction in ambient noise and temperature, the key improvement Zella DC provided was around the security components and monitoring. It’s like having a server room in a box. It gives you the ability to move your server room in the event that you change premises. Having your fire protection, your battery protection, your cooling, your environmental monitoring, all in the same one box.”

James Bartrop
Director, Shadow Safe

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