Brochures and Checklists

Zella DC Brochure Mockup

Zella DC Brochure

Overview of Zella DC and our indoor,  outdoor and containerised micro data centres.

mining mockup

Zella DC Mining Brochure

 Find out how micro data centres help mining companies save money and reduce carbon emissions.

Considerations for Edge mockupConsiderations for your Edge deployments 

Find out how our products will help you solve your edge challenges.

Checklist MDC Mockup

Is a Micro Data Centre for me?

Is a Zella DC micro data centre right for you and your business? Find out with this checklist.

Checklist Getting Ready Mockup

Getting ready for you Micro Data Centre

Find out how to get ready to house your first micro data centre with this handy checklist.

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Ready to talk to somebody? Want to message us?

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Micro Data Centre as a Service - pay for solutions, not assets

While many companies are embracing on-site MDC ownership and maintenance, an alternative way of embracing the technology is starting to prove hugely advantageous: Micro Data Centre as a Service (MDCaaS).

Is it time to ditch your server room?

Find out why many companies have replaced, or are replacing, their ageing server rooms with micro data centres.

Why Zella Pro

DIY server rack or Zella Pro? In this blog Angie Keeler explains why a Zella Pro micro data centre is a much better option than a DIY server rack or basic server room.