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The full breakdown of on how Zella DC can solve your data centre problems.

Micro data centre solutions for any environment

Zella Pro range

Find out more about our range of Zella Pro micro data centres, suitable for any environment. 

ZellaMax Container | closed

Zella Max is our scalable containerised solution, perfect for remote locations.


If you need to place your micro data centre outdoor, Zella Hut may be the perfect solution.

Zella DC | Zella Fort

Zella Fort is a rugged hand-held micro data centre designed to withstand harsh conditions.

"There were huge savings on power consumption. We conducted an analysis on one of our sites located out at a regional office in Papua New Guinea. The results were amazing and we noticed a huge difference in power consumption from the old infrastructure to the new Zella DC configuration.”

Ferdinand M. Daroya
Chief Information Officer, Kenmore Limited